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Core Objective Fitness only succeeds if we provide the services our clients want and need. This is our guiding principle and as a result a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

Our testimonials speak for themselves!

"When I started with Core Objective I was a little nervous because I hadn't done anything energetic since school, and I wasn't that energetic then. But Maddy helped me take the first few steps, got me through the basics at my own speed and I feel much better for it. I've lost some weight, strengthened my back, flattened my tummy and I feel happier and healthier when I'm playing with the kids" Laura age 40

"I was a reluctant convert to exercise. The thought of jogging in the rain and endless sit-ups left me wishing for a pie and a pint and possibly several quick ciggies by way of rebellion. But Core Objective gave me a simple, workout structure with plenty of variety. Long walks in the sunshine, back strengthening exercises and some gradual muscle building have given me a bit of a boost. I am thinking of taking up tennis, just thinking mind you!" John age 58 

"I said I wanted to get fit and healthy for the children but honestly the best thing I did was to just take some time away for gentle exercise and a bit of ME TIME. I feel so much more relaxed but at the same time energised" Sue age 28

"We've spent our whole lives 'saving for our future' now we are investing a bit of time and energy to ensure we enjoy it!!" Dennis and Doreen who, aged 68 and 63, 'keep fit' together twice a week